ziggy is a favourite amongst students

ziggy is a favourite amongst students

D-PAWS (Dogs Providing Academic & Well-being Support)

The D-PAWS progam has been in place at Jells Park Primary School since 2017. Ziggy, our black Spoodle, visits classrooms throughout the week. It is our hope that Ziggy will be trained as a therapy dog in the near future.

The aim of the D-PAWS Program is to significantly improve student well-being and academic outcomes. We believe that it will also positively impact on the students’ school experience and will build a stronger connection to school, while improving student attendance and reducing negative student behaviours.

Empirical evidence has shown that therapy dogs can enhance children’s psychological development, improve social skills and increase self-esteem, among other benefits. Dogs can also teach responsibility, compassion and respect for living things. Dogs in the classroom can be used to calm fears, relieve anxiety and teach skills.

Ziggy has already made a positive impact on the JPPS community, with many students saying she is one of the things they love most about our school.