School Notices

Jells Park Parent Committee

Parent Commitee Notice.pdf  pdf/298kB

Annual Report and Policies

Community Helper Policy - September 2018.pdf  pdf/128kB
Swimming Program Guidelines - September 2018.pdf  pdf/115kB
Newsletter Policy - September 2018.pdf  pdf/126kB
Mobile Phone Policy - September 2018.pdf  pdf/119kB
Junior School Council Guidelines - September2018.pdf  pdf/216kB
Staff Records Policy August 18.pdf  pdf/170kB
Sustainable Schools Policy - August 2018.pdf  pdf/128kB
Student Engagement & Inclusion Policy - August 2018.pdf  pdf/341kB
Raising and Adressing Concerns and Complaints Policy - August 2018.pdf  pdf/212kB
Individual Education Plans Guidelines - August 2018.pdf  pdf/110kB
Attendance Policy May 2018.pdf  pdf/697kB
Interschool Sport Policy 2018.pdf  pdf/133kB
Anti Bullying Policy Mar 18.pdf  pdf/140kB
Critical Incident Policy - March 2018.pdf  pdf/672kB
Somers & Woorabinda Camp Policy - March 2018.pdf  pdf/138kB
The Arts Policy 2016.pdf  pdf/141kB
Sunsmart Policy - February 2016.pdf  pdf/139kB
Homework Policy -March 2016.pdf  pdf/89kB
Facebook Guidelines 2015.pdf  pdf/122kB
Student Leadership Policy - October 2016.pdf  pdf/142kB
Staff Code of Conduct- Child Safety Sept 16.pdf  pdf/385kB
Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting Policy 2016.pdf  pdf/142kB
English Policy August 2017.pdf  pdf/159kB
Additional Commentary to Support the Annual Report 2016.pdf  pdf/233kB
Jells Park Annual Report 2016.pdf  pdf/867kB
JPPS AIP 2017.pdf  pdf/553kB
School Strategic Plan 2015 to 2019 final - Jells Park PS.pdf  pdf/449kB
Working with Children Check Policy Nov17.pdf  pdf/138kB
Parent-Payment-Policy-JPPS-Sept-2016.pdf  pdf/687kB
Hardship-Policy-JPPS-Sept-2016.pdf  pdf/168kB
FAQ-for-parents.pdf  pdf/182kB
Advertising-Policy-October-2016.pdf  pdf/135kB
Uniform-Policy-revised-Feb-15.pdf  pdf/151kB
Playground-Supervision-Policy--August-2014.pdf  pdf/95kB
Student Well-being Policy   pdf/95kB
Student Discipline Policy  pdf/122kB
Student Welfare - Duty of Care Policy  pdf/111kB
Asthma Policy   pdf/88kB
Anaphylaxis Management Policy  pdf/179kB
School_Councils_and_Privacy  pdf/38kB
Volunteers_and_Privacy  pdf/38kB

Sport Notices / Activities

2019 Summer Interschool Sport Consent  pdf/37kB

Performing Arts Program

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Energy Breakthrough Challenge

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Foundation Classroom Notices

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Level 1 and 2 Classroom Notices

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Level 3 and 4 Classroom Notices

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Level 5 and 6 Classroom Notices

Grade 6 Canberra Camp 2019 First Notice.pdf  pdf/225kB