Student Health and Wellbeing is very important and is taught through our Integrated Studies Program and through our extensive Sport and Physical Education Program.  Students participate in inter-school sport, intensive swimming from Foundation to Level 6, Foundation PMP, specialist P.E. lessons and fitness activities to develop independence and resilience.  There is a support program for students with special needs.  


Interschool Sport

Level 6 students participate in an interschool sport competition (eg: football, netball, cricket), swimming, athletics and cross-country in the Waverley East District. Successful students also participate in Divisional, Regional and State events. Our school concentrates on the participation of as many children as possible in these activities while striving to obtain excellent results. 


Swimming Program

Children in all levels have the opportunity to participate in a two-week intensive swimming program at SwimWorld Glen Waverley. The children are transported to and from the facility by seat belted buses and undertake a swimming program by qualified VICSWIM instructors. The cost of the program is an extra charge. Selected children in Levels 4, 5 and 6 can participate in the Interschool Swimming Sports during Term 1.


PMP (Perceptual Motorskills Program)

This program involves parents and teachers working closely together to provide children in Foundation with regular physical coordination sessions. Each parent works, on a rostered basis, with a small group of children. Activities concentrate on developing fine and gross motor coordination, while also integrating important language understandings.