Promoting wellbeing at school can substantially improve social and emotional outcomes of young people.

School-wide positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a whole-school framework which provides school professionals with an approach to promote improved behaviour at their school.

SWPBS has been developed from evidence and data, demonstrating the most effective ways to prevent and respond to problem behaviour at school. Research has shown that SWPBS is successful in reducing problem behaviour, improving school culture and increasing academic performance.

Jells Park Primary School has developed an agreed upon Matrix of expected behaviours and have an acknowledgement system in place to recognise when students are displaying these behaviours at school. Every grade has a half hour session dedicated to Social & Emotional Learning when the SWPBS framework and the Matrix are explicitly taught and students are provided with opportunities to practice skills.

We are fortunate to work with a coach, Jo Braden, who is guiding us in the implementation of this framework.

At Jells Park Primary School, Ziggy our therapy dog, is also a major part of our student well-being program. To find out more about Ziggy, click here.