We teach strategic reading using the CAFE framework from Foundation to Level 6. The framework focuses on explicit reading skills in the areas of Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded Vocabulary. Students are taught specific skills and work on individualised goals to improve their reading ability.


Students are explicitly taught the structures of different text types through Modelled, Shared Interactive and Guided writing.  Strategies are taught and individual goals are set for students to enhance their writing using the Big Write & VCOP Framework. 

Handwriting is a tool used within the writing process. Students are explicitly taught starting points, correct pencil grip and posture. 

Speaking and Listening:

We follow a consistent approach to oral literacy throughout the school. Beginning with research based ‘Show and Tell’ in the Early Years and progressing to research based projects and debating skills in the Senior Years.


From Foundation to Level 6 students participate in The Words Their Way program. The program teaches students the importance of word study through phonics, vocabulary and the study of word patterns and their meaning.  Students are placed into spelling groups allowing each child to work at their appropriate instructional level.  Words Their Way allows students to have a hands-on approach to their learning.

Literacy Support

From Foundation to Level 6 students with greater need are placed in small groups where we cater for their learning needs.

Level 1 students identified as ‘at risk’ may also be withdrawn to focus on specific literacy skills in a small group situation.

Premiers Reading Challenge

At Jells Park Primary School, every student is encouraged to complete the Premiers’ Reading Challenge each year. 

The Challenge promotes the love of reading by encouraging children to read from a set number of books over the year and record their efforts online.

Each student is provided with their own password and login details

Books from the book list are available from the school library, local public libraries and, in many of the classes CAFÉ and take Home Reader boxes. You may also have some at home.

Check out the following link to the official website to access the Challenge Book lists, frequently asked questions and for students to login to their personal page.


We have a well-stocked and vibrant library which has recently been renovated. Each class is allocated a time to visit during the week and the library is also open at lunchtimes to provide a welcoming space for students to relax and read their favourite book. Our aim is to support the CAFE reading program and to help the students develop a lifelong love of reading.

Book Club/Book Fair

In conjunction with Scholastic Australia, we operate Book Club each term and have a Book Fair once a year. These provide opportunities for parents and students to purchase quality books at reduced prices while at the same time helping to earn free books and teaching materials for our library and classrooms.